Black Entrepreneurship & the Skilled Trades: A Word From Our Giveaway Winners

In celebration of Black Excellence and Black History Month this year, Brilliant Catalyst ran a giveaway for our B.E.S.T. program participants. Hear the stories behind our winners!

To celebrate Black Excellence and Black History Month this year, Brilliant Catalyst ran a giveaway for our B.E.S.T. program participants!

We gave away several $100 gift cards for those who took the time to invest in their future and complete any number of the modules in the program. If you missed out don't worry, we run giveaways like this all the time so follow us on Instagram to stay up-to date!

The following are the personal stories and experiences from some of our winners!

Last year, I had the joy of participating in the BEST program and completing the modules. Doing so has opened up my future career options. I'm now in grade 11 and taking part in the BEST modules was such a learning experience. I was honoured when a few of the people from the BEST program came to my school last year to show us more about skilled trades and entrepreneurship. Even though skilled trades and entrepreneurship are outside my usual interests, it was nice to gain essential knowledge of the world of the program. Most of the courses I am partaking in are completely different from the acquired knowledge I gained from participating in the BEST program such as Healthcare, Sociology, Anthropology and Psychology (SAP), Childcare, Law, Dance and Genocide & Crimes Against Humanity. 
In the future I would absolutely love to become a lawyer as I have a dying interest in working with children and learning about the historic elements of law. I hope to go to York University for the Law program and become a family lawyer from there. My experience from the BEST program definitely helped in the way it helps activate my entrepreneurial thinking and gain confidence if I changed my mind to pursue a career in the world of skilled trades. Not only did I learn an introduction to entrepreneurship completing the modules, but I also learned what SMART goal setting is as well as founders responsibility and how to reach customers online. I'm so lucky to have participated in the BEST program, and completed the modules. It has definitely opened up my future career options. I encourage so many more to participate in this program, as it is a fantastic learning experience!

- Alyssa

Signing up for BEST and winning the giveaway from Brilliant Catalyst and the Dream Legacy Foundation has been a great experience for me. As a young photographer, I've been struggling to make my mark in the industry. The program's mission to empower underrepresented youth like me in the skilled trades resonated deeply.
The BEST program opened up a whole new world for me. Its modules not only expanded my entrepreneurial mindset but also gave me the practical knowledge I needed to expand my photography business confidently. Learning about founder responsibilities and finance management was like laying down stepping stones towards my dream. What really stood out was the program's flexibility. I could complete the modules at my own pace, fitting them around my photography gigs, meaning I didn't have to choose between growing my skills and taking on jobs.
The program's incentives were a huge motivator. Not only was it free, but it also offered certificates and a microcredential for completing a lean canvas assignment. These rewards pushed me to excel in each module, knowing that they would add value to my personal portfolio.
Being a part of the program made me feel seen and supported as a black youth. It was refreshing to be in a community that understood the unique challenges I faced. Beyond just teaching me about entrepreneurship, the program gave me the confidence to believe that I could achieve anything I set my mind to.
Thanks to the BEST program and the support of Brilliant Catalyst and Dream Legacy Foundation, I now run my photography business with pride, knowing that I have the skills and knowledge to succeed.

- Chidi

To sign up for the BEST program and qualify for future giveaways you can sign up here!

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