Empowering Future Leaders: Highlights from the 2024 Enactus National Exposition

Discover projects like Skill Series and Refind at the 2024 Enactus National Exposition in Toronto, fostering student innovation and community impact.

The Enactus National Exposition took place this year in Toronto from May 14-16th with various workshops, panel discussions, career fairs and -most importantly- project presentations! It is an excellent opportunity to attend, as this conference brings together students, academics and industry leaders from all across Canada to celebrate the achievements of our nation’s future leaders and innovators. 

The Ontario Tech team presented at the National Exposition and the TD Entrepreneurship Challenge, highlighting their Skill Series and Refind projects.

  • Skill Series: This project aims to encourage students to find new passions and develop skills not taught at school with the help of guest speakers and businesses, from workshops in design to financial literacy and public speaking to leadership.
  • Refind: Initially created during the Brilliant Catalyst Moonshot Challenge, Refind aimed to repurpose coffee cups into textiles, thus reducing waste sent to landfills. Over time, it has evolved into a consultancy, with a team of engineering students assisting in the growth of similar socially conscious ventures.

Personal stories and experiences from attendees:

The Enactus National Exposition solidified that being a champion of students’ innovative ideas encourages them to dream of a better world and gives them the confidence to build solutions for that world. The Brilliant Catalyst team is proud of the Ontario Tech Enactus team for continuously working to create projects that are making a difference in our communities and am excited to aid them in creating a far greater impact during their time at Ontario Tech University.

Leen Jaber, Team Advisor, Brilliant Catalyst

Nationals was an incredible experience! It was my first time attending, and with support and motivation from the Brilliant Catalyst team, we all had a great time. I highly recommend everyone attend the Enactus Regionals or Nationals at least once, coming from someone who was extremely nervous to go- you will have a blast!

Sanjana Baddukonda, incoming 2024/25 Enactus OTU President

Another year, another Nationals! Being an advisor and alumni of Enactus is such a rewarding experience, especially when it comes to supporting students’ ideas towards making impactful change in the Ontario Tech community. This year, I am incredibly proud of our team for putting themselves out there, learning from other universities, and jumping straight into 2024/25 planning. 

Angelique Dack, Team Advisor & Alumni

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