Ontario Tech University Graduation Highlight: Angelique Dack

Tell us about yourself!

I'm Angelique (She/Her), a recent graduate of the Political Science program with a focus on Political Communication. Growing up in Oshawa, Ontario Tech University has significantly impacted my personal and professional development. Even before becoming a student, I spent most of my summers on North Campus. Throughout my time here, I've taken on various roles, including serving as a Downtown Tour Guide with the Office of the Registrar, Program Assistant for the Ambassador program and 2SLGBTQ+ programming, and a term as the VP Downtown of the Ontario Tech Student Union. Recently, I joined the Brilliant Catalyst team as an Administrative Assistant after collaborating with them for the past three years through Enactus Ontario Tech, where I served two years as president and another as an advisor.

How did your involvement with social entrepreneurship projects like Enactus contribute to your personal and professional growth?

Throughout my undergraduate studies, I volunteered with Enactus, which was my first introduction to social entrepreneurship. While entrepreneurship is not typically associated with the Social Sciences, Social entrepreneurship bridges this gap by using business principles to address social, cultural, and environmental challenges, establishing a clear connection between the two.

I first started with Raise Your Voice, a now inactive project, aiming to utilize social media as a platform for educating the next generation about Canadian politics and news in a concise, easily digestible format, catering to on-the-go learning needs. Through this project, I discovered an interest in Political Communication, a field I subsequently pursued specialization in. In today's digital age, effective communication is paramount, but so too is the understanding of interpersonal connections, social relationships, and international affairs, all of which shape how ideas are communicated to the public, particularly when crafting narratives that are both compelling and persuasive.

This experience led me to discover Brilliant Catalyst, where I now work post-graduation, enabling me to further enhance the student experience and utilize my understanding of both sides of social entrepreneurship.

What are your future goals and career aspirations?

As I start my post-graduate career, I am very grateful to have found a home with Brilliant Catalyst, which allows me to continue supporting student engagement, being part of the vibrant university community, and supporting entrepreneurs. Working alongside our passionate students here at Ontario Tech has quickly become a highlight of my early career however, I can see myself expanding more into the Oshawa non-profit sector, particularly in serving vulnerable populations like the homeless. Community development and housing advocacy have been my passions, and I aim to cultivate connections and networks further to broaden my impact during my tenure at Brilliant Catalyst. Who knows? Perhaps one day, you'll find me running for Mayor 

What single piece of advice would you offer to both new and current Ontario Tech students?

In my undergraduate years, I faced Academic Suspension, hitting rock bottom as I started my university journey. I was juggling a demanding 40+ hour work week while neglecting classes and assignments. However, upon my return, I actively participated in workshops offered by the Student Life department, realizing that the more I engaged with university life, the better I felt and the more invested I was in my studies. I established a network of support that helped me navigate the challenges and celebrate my achievements. With this lived experience, I can tell you that university is what you make it to be and by engaging in extracurricular activities, you will enjoy it tenfold compared to merely attending class and going home. Stay slow, attend a workshop or become an Ambassador, I promise you won’t regret it. 

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